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I live in the ADKs with my beautiful wife and my two children. We have a pitbull mix named Charlie.
October 31, 2017 – 08:55 am
15 Escorts Share What Happened I had a guy pay me to sit on his face and smother him with my butt cheeks. I didn’t even have to get naked. He told me his sister used to punish him when he was a kid by sitting on him until he almost blacked out, and now it’s a weird fetish.

3. A guy I last saw a month ago would quote movies while fucking. He was also HUGE. Both his dick and his weight.

We would be fucking and he’d say things like “I am the danger!”/”Chaos isn’t a pit, it’s a ladder!”

I’d have to press my head into the pillow not to die laughing. Once for the entire hour he just had me repeat “You’re a big guy, ” to which he’d reply “For You, ” which he told me is from the Dark Knight Rises.

I kind of miss him, regular, paid well and fucking hilarious.

4. Some guy wanted to watch me stuff a thong into my vagina, make me cum with it in there, and then pull it out. He was going to pay extra to keep the thong. But I tried the feat beforehand and found it unsurprisingly uncomfortable and declined.

– Anonymous

5. I got asked to insert my feet into a guy’s ass…. politely declined that job.

6. Not particularly “weird” but lots of clients prefer me to wear leggings and uggs instead of sexy lingerie. Also had a large amount of little people ask me to humiliate them by calling them “stupid midgets” etc.

7. Ex-stripper here, gave a 2 hour long lap dance to a guy who wanted me to talk about vacuums the whole time. It’s really hard to make vacuums sexy!

8. I used to work nights in reception at an escort agency that had about 50% of the escort adverts (Asian line, Indian, BBW, you name it) in my city. My job was to pick up the phone and offer quotes/match the right girl for the right fantasy. Not all liked doing certain things.

So one night I get this guy that was looking for a girl that could wear PVC clothing, while using a strapon on him. That wasn’t an all out request, it had happened before. But he also wanted her to sprinkle talcum powder all over him while doing that and bark while they were watching dog porn.

One of the girls came back to the office one night and told us that her client had gone to the restroom at the start of her booking and came back out with the toilet brush up his butt. He then proceeded to wanting to have sex with her “doggy style.”

That was an interesting job.

10. Once I sold mushrooms to everyone at work, thinking they would want to take them home and do them in a comfortable place. NOPE. 20+ strippers tripping balls, pupils like saucers, staring at the lights like they’re made of magic, stumbling around and giggling like little girls. Some girls forgot what they were doing on stage and in lapdances. Done were just rolling around on the floor by the end of the night. Two girls got into a fist fight, which turned into the one going down on the other. Yes, seriously. That happened. I was the only sober stripper and made a lot of money that night.

I got paid a lot of money to tell a cop fart jokes. Then I rode him around the room like a pony.

I also got paid $900 on two separate occasions to pee into an nypd officer’s mouth. He said it was for good luck in poker games. Personally, I think he just liked to drink pee. 10/10 would do again.

A guy used to come to our club and hand us a cup to pee into and $50.

Another guy would come in and pay me to kick him in the balls. He was really nice and sang in a barbershop quartet.

I had a customer who looked exactly like Yosemite Sam with a gold French manicure. He liked to be called, “Michelle, ” even though his name was already “Stacy.” He wore women’s underwear and shook the entire time I gave him lap dances.

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