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15 Of The World’s Most Expensive And Luxurious Brothels
June 15, 2017 – 04:57 am
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clublv.comWe hate to state the obvious, but will anyway. Sex sells. And the legal, licensed brothel business is big business. In Germany alone, it is estimated that brothels take in excess of EUR15 Billion a year. That’s over $17 billion.

With prostitution legal in many countries of the world, the brothel business has grown exponentially. Brothels do pretty well, even if economic slow downs impact their business. And in good times, they thrive. There are the lower-end, slightly quirky brothels of Amsterdam featuring window prostitutes. And there are the cheap and cheerful, in your face brothels, in places like Thailand, where just about anything goes.

But just like everything else, the brothel business has a distinctly higher end, where luxury and service comes at a price. Only high rollers need apply. Alongside luxury brothels such as Club LV in the Netherlands, a new breed of brothel is springing up. Forget middle aged men. What places like Café Mellenium in San Paolo, Brazil are aiming to do is to draw in young, well-heeled males, who come complete with expense accounts and Gold Cards. This new breed of brothel combines the dance club and brothel, sometimes with retail even thrown in.

Here are 15 high-end brothels from all over the world. And, by the way, they are perfectly legal.

via: title=15. Club LV – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Club LV is a high end brothel that claims to be the most famous “sex club” in Amsterdam. It also runs the Lady Valentine “high class” escort service. The décor is modern, the vibe laid back, with a little Asian kinky and gilt thrown in. In a hurry for an escort? Give them a call and they guarantee to have a girl knocking at your door within a half hour. If you want to drop by the place, it has 8 luxury rooms with a tasteful scattering of leopard skin. Rest assured, the place gets very high marks for its discretion. Pity about the expensive drinks. If you are expecting to find pricing information on the website, you would be disappointed. If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

14. Yab Yum – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is a “watch this space” kind of place. Yab Yum was a luxury brothel that was run from a dignified 17th century canal house in Amsterdam, until it was closed in 2008. Seems some laws had been broken. It was purchased by an entrepreneur who in 2013, applied to have the brothel license restored. Not wanting to waste time and money, he re-opened the place as a museum, and settled in to await the decision on the license. Mannequins replace the working girls. Come and see the “original” beds, the bar, and the girls’ medical room. And it’s for hire for your next event. Probably not the kind of place for your wedding reception, though.

via: 13. Gentlemans’s Club Leonardo – Prague, Czech Republic

GC Leonardo resembles an upmarket, modern European hotel, with sleek furnishings and subdued lighting. And it comes with a quality guarantee. Didn’t get what you paid for? They will give you an hour free. They are up front about their rates and charge around $150 an hour. Ask for your VIP Gold Card after your first “service” and get a discount on the next service, meaning your next hour will be a bargain at around $90. Want an escort for 24 hours? That’s around $1800, whether you are a VIP Gold Card holder or not. And did we mention the VIP roof garden? Complete with a hot tub and, presumably lounging ladies.

12. Lush – Marcoola, Australia

Although they are a little vague about what they get up to, this place has “sexy guys” on offer, alongside the hot Sheila’s. The “Premium” 60 minute service is AU$350. Strapped for cash? Try the 20 minute peep show for AU$100. Try the Diamond or Platinum suites on “Cheeky Tuesdays” and get AU off. They say they are the sexy side of the Australian Sunshine Coast. You can lounge on nearby beaches and recover from your Lush experience, and don’t forget to plan your next visit. To help you plan, a roster of ladies is posted every day. Apparently the “guy service” is only available at weekends. We wonder what that’s about. Sheri’s Ranch – Pahrump, Nevada

Sheri’s is the closest legal brothel from Law Vegas. Just in case you are in a hurry. A million miles away from the in-your-face, Hustler-like chain of Nevada brothels run by sextrepreneur Dennis Hof, Sheri’s combines an upmarket brothel with a resort. Apparently, men who would never use a brothel come to take the guided tour of the place. Sure. Anyway, they have useful little illustrations of the services on the website, in case you are not certain what sex looks like. Back in Dennis Hof-land, check out his book, The Art of the Pimp. You might pick up some useful business tips.

10. Bernds Sauna Club – Hennef, Germany

The Germans love their saunas. If they are nude, all the better. And this place is a nude sauna and brothel combined. The ambiance is slightly dated European 1990’s, but with all the girls and all the nudity that surrounds you, you probably won’t notice. Apparently, they dress up for special occasions like Mardi Gras and Christmas. The girls parade around in costumes, until they take them off. But then that’s another story altogether. Tired out from the pools, the sex, and the girls? Try lounging out of doors in their garden. Check out their rewards program. More for less, kind of thing.

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