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Confessions of an Escort: The Real World of Sex, Drugs and Business
December 1, 2013 – 10:35 am
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Imagine the wild life of a successful millionaire and you might get the cars, drugs, escorts, and crazy parties. What is it really like outside of the movies though? Former Portland, Oregon escort Ashly Lorenzana, author of her popular memoir “Sex, Drugs, and Being and Escort, ” has lived that life and isn’t a stranger to much we can imagine. Having worked as an escort for several years and battled drug addiction, Ashly now pursues her own dreams and business ventures. She is currently launching her own coaching program for independent authors but she still shares a few stories and wisdom from a life very few of us ever see.

We had the interesting opportunity to catch up with Ashly by email where she lets us in on the real world of escorting, drugs and addiction, as well as her new coaching program.

So I was hoping you could shed some light for us on the world of drugs and sex in business. Did you have a good amount of clients that were “business class?”

Video 43-005“…I will say that the majority of my clients were upper middle class, while a smaller percentage were more “corporate” types and professionals who traveled to Portland for reasons related to their business. My clients have spanned a wide range of careers that have included lawyers, nurses (not only a woman’s job, as it turns out), small business owners, drug dealers, executive chefs, photographers, retired gentlemen, mechanics, insurance agents, computer technicians, college professors, and even at least one pizza delivery boy.”

How common was it that your clients were married business men?

“It was fairly common for my clients to be married businessmen actually. In my own experience, they were far more likely to have cautious tendencies regarding their indulgences, if anything. Married clients were more careful about everything and they often did not disclose much about their jobs and what it was they did professionally. They are usually much more concerned about keeping a low profile in order to keep our relationship a secret from their wives and the rest of their family. Very few of my clients were drug users, though there were a couple of exceptions to that. So no, they weren’t typically “party” guys, as their lifestyle didn’t allow for that as much as the bachelors.”


Do you think drug use or that volatile lifestyle ever got in the way of their jobs?

“Not surprisingly, seeing escorts can quickly spiral into an addiction of its own, much like anything can when you think about it. I have had at least a couple of clients who I was actually close friends with lose everything and they were forced to relocate as a result. The escorting habit coupled with their drug addictions was too much for them to maintain, despite making good money in their lines of work. So I’d say that yes, it can definitely affect people’s lives in a negative way when it gets out of hand.”

What was your image of success back then? What is it today?

“My image of success at the height of my escorting was probably just being considered one of Portland’s finest choices for gentlemen who wanted some intimate company. I think I achieved that and that it still holds true to a certain extent even today, almost eight years after I saw my first client. My idea of success now is hopefully a bit more profound and basically consists of things like my recent search for a meaningful cause to support or something important to devote my life to. I haven’t yet figured out what that is, but I know I want to help people in a way that they will remember and that could possibly change their lives. I hope to be led in that direction soon, but I’m not one to force the discovery of such things.”

What would you say to young business people today who glorify that lifestyle of Lamborghinis, yachts, escorts and cocaine?

“…my advice to young business people about a life of extravagance and indulgence would be to caution against becoming preoccupied with things like flashy cars and even drugs. I’m an addict myself, but I can’t deny that using them can really mess up a person’s entire life so it’s certainly worth weighing in on before a coke habit begins to creep up on you. My advice is to instead focus on being the absolute best at what you do professionally and try to stay down to earth. I’ve noticed that oftentimes those who put unnecessary stress on material wealth quickly become consumed with it and lose sight of the things which can actually make them happy and fulfilled.”

What are some business lessons you have learned from your experience as an escort?

“As for business lessons I learned from my work as an escort, it definitely proved to me that it really doesn’t matter what you offer or how much you charge for it, because there is a group of people out there who want exactly what you specialize in and are willing to pay the rates you demand. I say stick to what you know you are really worth and never do anything you are not comfortable with. You really don’t have to, you just need to find that group of people and deliver what they are looking for.”

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