How to be a female Escort?

I'm a single girl dating in Los Angeles. Sometimes. It's interesting.
January 9, 2017 – 04:34 pm
A Journey On The Wings Of
Straight male escort

1. How did you get started as an escort?

I think it is the dream of every man, and I have the opportunity to do it. I love girls, and I find it very exciting to be asked to have sex for money.

The story is more complex though: I tried to get into the amateur porn industry (sex WITH condoms) because I felt I had to satisfy my desires, but I quickly withdrew because I did not like the environment. I like much more the intimacy of a one-to-one encounter. In the same period I started seeing a female escort regularly, probably the rarest kind of girl: an extremely beautiful nymphomaniac. I had a lot of fun, discovered my “talents” and realized that I was probably a nymphomaniac too (the correct term for a male would be “hyper-sexual”). She suggested that I start escorting. I had wanted to enter the sex industry anyway, so the choice was easy, and I became a straight male escort.

2. Tell me about these “talents.”

Well, there are a few🙂

  • Unlimited stamina – I can I have sex continuously and at high intensity with few breaks for up to four hours
  • I’m very well endowed, definitely much over the average size
  • I am very athletic, with a very fit and muscular body
  • I am very clever and funny, and I can entertain the complex mind of a girl😄

3. How do you find your clients?

Online using Twitter, Adultwork and my personal website. I am part of an agency in London, but I did not get anything up to now from them.

4. Describe the kinds of clients you get.

I have encountered five types of clients:

  1. Couples MF, often married, between 30 and 40 years old. The girl is usually extremely beautiful
  2. Young girls who want to treat themselves (birthday, or because they want to try)
  3. Female escorts who want to treat themselves. Usually they are over 35 years old. Younger escorts are usually VERY greedy and think that spending money to have a man is not worth it…WRONG!
  4. Older girls who want to stay with a younger guy
  5. Crazy girls! (See #8)

5. What type of client do you most frequently get?

Open-minded MF couples who want some sexual fun outside the boundaries of their relationship.

6. What is the most common request you receive?

It depends on the client, but generally:

  • MF couples: They usually ask me to have sex with the girl while the man is watching and touching himself.
  • Young girls: Dinner dates, flirting, intimate discussions, followed by A LOT of kissing (which I do love!)
  • Older women: As above, but less kissing and more sex🙂
  • Young escorts: A lot of cuddles, kissing, oral sex and for the few who can have sex for long, a few hours of continuous sex (2-3 hours straight sex maximum, sometimes followed up by another shorter session).
  • Older escorts: Well, this is sometimes a challenge…which I always win😄. Anyway as above, but more talks prior to sex. Four hours straight sex was the most challenging request… and I loved it!!

straight male gigolo7. What is the freakiest thing you’ve been asked to do?

Lick a girl’s feet while the man was watching and touching himself. Particular things are decided before the meeting to avoid awkward situations, so not usually very freaky, really.

8. Have you ever turned someone away? Based on what?

No never, I usually try to know my clients through speaking on the phone and over e-mail. There was one strange encounter – the girl answered a phone call in the middle of our meeting. Afterward she became very agitated and started screaming about random problems she had and even blamed me for her problems (?). I calmed her down then asked if she wanted to continue the meeting. We continued until the end.

9. What types of activities will you NOT participate in?

Homosexual encounters, gang bangs, bareback sex (sex without condoms), watersports, hardsports, heavy torture.

10. Why do most of your clients hire a male escort?

Girls hire a male escort to be loved during our time together, to be teased, and to get a performance they would never get with a normal partner.

11. Are the women looking for sex or companionship?

Always both: companionship in the sense they want to be treated as if we were really in love, and of course high quality sex. I suppose they could search for companionship only, but they would hire a male model.

12. Do you have a girlfriend, and if so, does she know you are an escort?

I used to have a “girlfriend” if you could call it that, and she was an escort. From the time I started escorting I have never had a real girlfriend, nor I would have had time to have one.

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