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November 12, 2017 – 09:28 am
Former escort who has slept

So you have decided that you want to become a sex worker. There are probably many reasons why you have made this choice. It’s not as easy as some people think it is, but if you set yourself up right and do your research it can be a very rewarding role, not just financially.

Firstly I would strongly suggest that you make yourself familiar with . It’s a UK based support site for Escorts by Escorts. It has many articles on how to set yourself up, and a great discussion forum where you can ask questions. It also has a Warning section which you should keep an eye on.

So you still wish to continue? Ok, here are some things you need to do and to think about.

For your basic set up you will need: Work Phone/Working Persona/Work Email/Condoms and Toys/Sexy Lingerie

Here are other issues that you need to consider.

How are you going to operate? As an Independent lady (working for yourself), for an Agency (where they get you work and you pay them a commission) or a Parlour (where you work in house for them and pay them a commission). The legalities of working these different ways can be found elsewhere on the Escort Buddys site. Some sex workers like to start off working for an Agency to ‘learn the trade’ before going Independent.

You will need a new identity, your working persona. It is advisable NOT to use your real name if you wish to keep your working life a secret from people who know you. Research your chosen name to make sure that there is no one of the same name in the area you will be working. If you are going to be working independently and are going to have your own website then check that the name you want for yourself and your website is not already taken. Base your new identity on yourself as it will be easier to remember, but do make sure you are careful about what personal information about yourself that you give out to clients and other workers.

You may also need a cover story to explain where you are when you are working. Keep it simple and easy to remember. Maybe a job role that you already know in case anyone in your personal life asks questions.

It’s good to get a separate work phone, a cheap pay as you go will do. You can then keep it turned off when you are not working or unable to answer it. It’s good to have a personal voicemail message on it; it will encourage clients to phone you back. It’s also a good idea to set up a work email.

Your sexual health should be very important to you. I would advise finding your local GUM clinic and get yourself checked out before you start working and then at regular intervals afterwards. Your GUM clinic might have a special quick track service for sex workers, you don’t have to give your real name but you will need to give a contact number. You can use your work phone number. Be honest with the staff that way they can give you the best advice and help. You will be offered free condoms and lube too. They may also have information on any local support groups for sex workers.

What about your emotional health. This is also important. Many sex workers work in isolation and in secret. This can be very stressful. There are many forums where you can chat, share issues and get advice. Be aware of burn out, it’s very easy in this line of work to get burn out. Factor in some down time for you and your body and personal space. The way I keep emotionally sane is having some good friends around me in the business and outside of it who know what I do. I am then able to share and chat about my experiences. In time you will be able to network with other ladies. One word of warning be careful who you befriend in this industry not all are what they seem. I’ve learnt from experience.

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