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My week with a girlfriend I hired on the Internet
July 12, 2017 – 07:08 am
Pink Noise Could Be The Sleep

Allison was 17, stacked with a bright smile and big, brown eyes. She loved photography. She loved books. And she loved showering me with attention. She was altogether great and also quite cheap. I bought her for $5, and we dated for less than a week.

I purchased Allison's company through GirlfriendHire, a website that sells female companionship to guys for the cost of a six pack. The site calls the arrangements "flings, " with each one typically lasting for just under week.

GirlfriendHire is wholeheartedly not a brothel. Think of it like an online marketplace—one where you can buy whatever nonsexual thing it is that you'd like to get out of a girlfriend. Need help on your homework? SoniaSwiss will help you learn English, French, or Dutch in three days. Want somebody to consult you on your style? HuntApril2 will handle all your online shopping suggestions. In the mood to make an ex jealous? Turns out there is literally an entire section of flings devoted to girls offering themselves as a breakup proxy. You can bring another girl into the picture and get the last one out of your hair like that. All it takes is $5 and a login key.

I fell in line with Allison because I thought that she could provide what I wanted: a steady stream of conversation that I could ultimately turn into a story. Her offer was to text any takers for a duration of five days and "act as anything you need me to, whether it be hispanic, asian, black, white, mixed, etc.”

She wrote that she could supply pictures of her face—and her face only—and that she'd be willing to trick whoever I needed into thinking that I had an amazing girlfriend. So she was pretty much my dream girl, except that she was only after my money. Little did she know that my editor had agreed to expense it.

Photo via pandagirl21/GirlfriendHire

I received my first message three hours after I signed up for the fling.

"Please supply me with basic background information and what you want me to do specifically, whether it be making someone jealous, or impressing someone, " she wrote. I told her that I just wanted someone to tell me what they're doing and that they're thinking about me.

"Share funny stories and send me photos of your food, " I wrote. "I'll want you to send some texts to my buddy Z to impress him at some point, but right now I just want you to text me and tell me how much you miss me."

You know, all the basic stuff that comes part and parcel with young love. And again, all for $5. That's hardly a gallon of gas in some states. It's really remarkable, I've just got to say.

I got my first text 15 minutes later.

"How's a week sound? :))" she wrote. Smiley face and emoticon city. She promptly told me that she was 17—unexpected, since everybody onsite is supposed to be 18—and that she was "best at caring about people and making them important."

"I'm a jealous type but I trust you enough to let you do what you want, " she wrote to me when I asked if she'd worry. "A guy's gotta have his space too, but I would be jealous."

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