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Creating a free website through Wordpress.
October 29, 2015 – 01:07 pm
Design website for escorts

When I first set up a website, I discovered Wordpress through an article related to escorting & CSS website formatting. This is a basic format which allows for easier creation and navigation on personalized website.

For those who do not have money for a $600-$3, 000 website, you can easily create a free site using the steps below.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Get started”. It will help you set up a profile. You’ll fill out your email address (use your escorting email - no other email, b/c it will come handy for a future reference…), name, and password. Directly after password, it wants you to choose a blog address, which is just like your tumblr address ( except it would be like:
  • Just use the simple “Free” blog, and don’t upgrade.
  • Click on “Change your blog’s theme”
  • Pick out any theme you feel fit. This is the same exact thing as picking out a Theme here on Tumblr.
  • Continuing, you see in the top left corner, it says: Reader, Stats, My blog, Freshly pressed? Click on “My Blog” and then it will take you to your one blog.
  • Underneath your blog name, it will say “1 Page”. Click on that.
  • You see at the top where it says “Add new”? Add a few, and you can title them as “Photos”, “Donations”, and “Booking” or whatever other terms you want.
  1. Photos: this page will be for your photos (well, I had to explain it…)
  2. Donations: for your hourly rates
  3. Booking: this is where you will create and place a booking form.
  • Anytime you’d like, you can click on “Preview” and it will show you how your page is building up.
  • When you go back to your Photos page, edit it and click on “Add media” that’s under the box that says the title.
  • Click on “Create Gallery” on the left-hand side and then upload any photos you want on your escorting site. (Before you actually click “Insert Gallery” go to the right side and where it says Type: Thumbnail grid, you can change the style that the photos are placed into the site. My personal favorite is Tiled Mosaic.)
  • Then for your Booking page, go to edit that. Click on “Add Contact Form”
  • From there it’s up to you to fill that out the way you like. Each provider has a different form.
  • THIS is where using your escorting email comes in play. Once a client has filled out your booking form and hits “submit”, it sends all of the information from the form straight to your email. If you have an iPhone, connect your email to your phone so that the minute you receive an email, it pops up on your phone just like a text message. Voila!
  • Lastly, it’s only $26 to remove the “.wordpress” part out of the domain and just have it as a “.com”. Like, if you choose, you can pay $26 and have it just as

This is only meant to be used as a temporary website. Use this as something to attach your advertisements to, so that your advertisements can be short, with all clients being directed to your website for an unlimited amount of photos, information, and rates.

Once you have set aside enough money, feel free to consider a few different web designers to establish a professional site for a more permanent use.

The most common web designer for escorts is Veda Designs. Pricing can be found at: .

Personally, my website is being designed through Upscale Art.Semi-custom websites can start as low as just $300! Fully-custom designs range from $1, 500-$3, 000+. It simply depends on the package you get, as well as whether you choose to add flash design or not.

I’m sure that there are many others, but these are the only two I am completely aware of. I know others go through, but I am unsure of how to use the site. Feel free to ask around some other girls as to what they have used and how they like it.

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