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BostonDrunks Presents The Five Best Places To Find Hookers In
August 11, 2017 – 08:43 am
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What in the hell kind of neighborhood has a sign like this? I’ll tell you a neighborhood that has a shitload of hookers in it. No we all know that hooking and picking up whores is against the law. But if you did want a quick BJ with a chance of AIDS on the side, here is the list of the Five Best Places To Find Hookers In The Boston Area.

Blue Hill Avenue– Yep if you in the mood of picking up black chicks and maybe getting shot at the same time, Blue Hill Avenue is your spot. This street is crawling with crack heads that need their fix and they will suck your dick man!

Odds of hooker being a man: 5%. Odd you get arrested: 20%. Ave price for a BJ: $30. Odds you get killed 20%

Dorchester Avenue from Fields Corner to Andrew Square– Welcome to Boston’s best spot to find a street hooker. Ah good old Dorchester Avenue. This three-mile stretch of road has more ho’s than Santa. If you’re looking for white chicks, stay up on the Andrew Square, Savin Hill end of the Avenue. Dirty nasty hookers hang out down by Fields Corner. Sometimes the chicks from the internet hit this street so you can find a real diamond in the rough if you look hard enough.

Odds of hooker being a man: 5%. Odd you get arrested: 20%. Ave price for a BJ: $40. Odds you get killed 10%

Main Street Brockton- Sometimes when you out looking for a hooker, you want to play a road game. Brockton is your road game. Not only do you get to get out of the city but you also can buy condoms at Wal-Mart on the cheap. The best part about the City Of Champions is that it is ghetto as hell, yet it is in the suburbs. So you get hookers that grew up with money and now they have turned to a life whorehood to, you know, pay a bill once in a while.

Odds of hooker being a man: 9%. Odd you get arrested:25%. Ave price for a BJ: $35. Odds you get killed 15%

Chinatown/Bay Village/ Downtown– Do you remember The Combat Zone? Ah memories! Back in the 90’s you could drive down Tyler Street in Chinatown and there would be over 20 hookers walking around with one tittie hanging out begging for your cash. Then Emerson College moved in, then Tufts moved in, then the whores went away. The only good thing about finding a whore in the downtown area is the quality. There is not much to choose from in this area but when you do find a ho, she is usually a good-looking chick. See this part of town draws in the pros. When an escort has no bookings she hits these streets looking for quick cash. Look real late at night around 4 A.M. and thank me later.

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