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Anthony Weiner Still Incredibly Popular… Among Escorts
September 19, 2017 – 08:52 am
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Anthony Weiner’s poll numbers have collapsed following the latest revelations about his online sexting habits. There is, however, one demographic that never lost an ounce of respect for the New York City mayoral candidate: ladies of the evening.

“The website, which connects wealthy patrons with attractive clients, surveyed over 18, 000 of its female members and discovered that 63 percent of all women surveyed approved of the New York City mayoral hopeful, with the highest approval ratings coming from the 18-26 demographic, ” reads a report in US News.

A breakdown of SeekingArrangement.com’s stats reveals a 35 percent approval rate (1, 833 approve out of 5, 287 surveyed) for women 27-34 and 21 percent approval (327 approve out of 1, 094 surveyed) from women 35 and older.

“Regardless of popular belief, not all women are turned off by Weiner, ” Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement.com, told US News. “With a 78 percent approval rating, the mayoral candidate clearly has a hold of the younger female vote.”

A word of caution for Team Weiner: Wade’s “sugar daddy” website may be encouraging self-selection for a certain type of female vote that may not accurately represent the NYC Democratic primary electorate. Don’t break out the champagne bottles yet, Weiner staffers.

Source: www.mediaite.com
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