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Helen Wood has 'ruined' actor's life, says Sydney escort Samantha X
May 4, 2017 – 12:33 am
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Samantha X, aka Amanda Goff, said Wood, the prostitute who claims she was paid 0 for sexual services with a British ...While the debate over the UK gagging order preventing publication of the identity of an A-list actor who allegedly slept with an escort continues, Sydney-based sex worker Amanda Goff said it's not the press who should have a muzzle.

Samantha X, aka Amanda Goff, said Wood, the prostitute who claims she was paid $380 for sexual services with a British actor, "committed the number one crime". Photo: Supplied

Former journalist-turned-escort, Ms Goff, who goes by the name Samantha X, told Fairfax Media on Thursday that Helen Wood, the prostitute who claims she was paid $380 for sexual services with the British thespian, "committed the number one crime".

"An escort never talks about names. It is really 'unclassy'. It has ruined someone's life, " Ms Goff said.

"If I could [reveal my client's identities] I could make a fortune but that's not my integrity": Ms Goff. Photo: Supplied

Ms Wood also revealed details of her intimate time with the actor, which included the use of sex toys, but Ms Goff explained it goes completely against the escort/client confidentiality code.

"The details she gave to the press about what they did in bed is appalling. Why would she do that? How can she sleep at night?

"If I could [reveal my client's identities] I could make a fortune but that's not my integrity, " Ms Goff added.

The famous married father sought the injunction in 2011 after British High Court judges agreed releasing his details violated his right to privacy. A decision was later made to allow Ms Wood, 29, best known for sleeping with married Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney, to be identified.

Indiscreet: Helen Wood. Photo: Karwai Tang

But Ms Goff, who wrote a book about her experiences in 2014, Hooked – Secrets of a High Class Escort, said we don't know the circumstances surrounding the unnamed actor's decision to cheat on his wife.

"For whatever reasons he has visited their services, it is no one else's business. I think there was no reason for what [Wood] did apart from to gain money and notoriety and I absolutely condemn it, " said Ms Goff.

Ms Wood, who no longer works as a prostitute and won Celebrity Big Brother UK last year, told on Thursday she regrets revealing the identity of her client.

She said: "This is a prime example of me being young and dumb, trusting the wrong people at a time when I should have kept my trap shut.

"The comments printed today were made nearly six years ago.

"I'm retracting the stupid idiotic comments I said, yes he's a cheat, yes he did wrong, but he isn't your average knobhead footballer who goes around blatantly cheating over and over again.

"I'm ashamed of my comments, I never had any intention of selling a story."

Ms Wood said she was tricked into speaking about her encounter by former celebrity publicist, Max Clifford.

"Who are we to judge?"

When it was pointed out to Ms Goff that the man has been married for over a decade and he and his wife have children together, she asked: "Who are we to judge?"

"We all make choices and it was his choice to see her. We don't know the reasons why he sought the services of an escort, but does that make him a bad person? If anyone answers 'yes' then I would really hope their lives are perfect. We all make mistakes and we are human.

"Something like this can drive people to depression and suicide."

Despite the actor's wholesome family image being in jeopardy since his name has been widely shared on social media, and US publications threatening to name him as they do not come under UK media laws, Goff laughed: "It didn't do Hugh Grant any harm, did it?"

The British-born madam, who earns $1000 an hour, said affairs are prevalent in everyday life and if everyone acted like Ms Wood without discretion, it would ruin a lot of lives.

"There was no one else in that room apart from her and him and no one else should know the details about what went on, " she said.

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