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February 11, 2016 – 12:27 pm
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Quality Review speak for themselves, Would like to thank all our Members and Models for providing excellence in our Team.

1) My first impressions about the Models from Escape is that they are warm friendly and have dazzling personalities along, with super good looks. Ian Watson, LA 2012.

2) This is a Group of people that are eager to keep you pleased, Was visiting New York from Las Vegas, and I discovered Escape Models Online, I was very pleased withthere Services, and I now call them frequently when I am in town. Most of there ladies are very good Company. Ronald Stein, Las Vegas 2012.

3) Thank-you for assisting me, with a wonderful date, had a great time with Kim, she is a fabulous girl. Ted Acura, New York 2012

4) I was just set out to spend a couple of hours, with Simone at Escape, but decided to keep her for the entire evening, when she arrived to see me, I have booked Simone several dates. Thank you for understanding exactly as to what I was looking for. Jacob New York 2012.

5) Met Ruth just be chance when I was in town for business, and had a very nice evening, very classy very chic. Brad Dunn Denver Colorado 2012.

6) Escape Models has some wonderful hidden beauties, yet to be discovered. This is definitely High Class and exceptional. David Richards UK 2012.

7) Knockout Girls!! Thank-you John Winter, Aberdeen UK 2013.

8) Truly a Memorable experience, quality services, delivered and prompt reliable service, I am looking forward to my next visit in New York Bruce Behrman 2013

10) Took Louise out on a dinner and dance date, but did not get home till the next day, very nice time. Arthur Jr Abramson San Francisco 2013

11) All I have to say is smashing time, smashing services. Jonathan Botstien New York 2014.

12) You can always rely on Escape to deliver as promised, cute girls a fun time, and I am now a regular Member at Escape. Mitch Berezowski Connecticut New York. 2014

13) Meet up with Kim had a super time with here, beautiful Girl (John Kinerly Boston Mas Jan 2014)

14) Thanks very much to Beth, Manager at Escape Models VIP wonderful time and Introduction, Jan 2014 Walter Evans New York NY..

15) Stunning girls and a pleasurable time, Jan 2014 Reza Farouk. New York.

16) Very nice service with beautiful Courtesans, this is a Good Service, Jan 2014 Aziz Aba Dubai.

17) All the girls at Escape are above standard, and I was very pleased with my services, Few 2013 Ian Smith.

18) Had a truly amazing time with Jesse, fun girl great services. Feb 2014 James Dudd

19) Sophie is something special, thank you for the Introductions. March 2014 Joseph Aaron. Ct

20) Super Time, Super Girls. 2014 Harold Evan

21) This is a place where Services are exceeded, August 2014 Peter Adams Hampton Bays New York.

22) Escape Models VIP has by far some of the hottestr Courtesan, and quality is not spared! Frank M Bradley 2014 San Francisco.

24) Had a nice Birthday, nice time with Hailey, she was a super Host, thanks Beth for your good work. Aug 2014 Mathew James London UK

25) It is always a pleasure for me to meet all the Classy Girls at Escape Models VIP. S Patel Malibu CA Sep 2014

26) Hanna is the Best, always fun meeting her, thank you for all, Ashram Sabat. Washington DC Sep 2015

27) If you are planning to find a good service in NY, this is the best bet to start. Jeff Bronstein Oct 20145

28) Would like to send my thanks to Rebecca at Escape, super time, thank you. Hienz Broder Nov 2015. Chicago

29) Beth Thank you for the advice, my evening was spent well with Lola. Nov 2013. Barry Carmoli Nov 2015 New Hampshire.

30) Exceptional Ladies at Escape Models, Mandy was wonderful. Greg Leaver Dec 2 2015 New York

31) Had a nice time, and enjoyed spending my time with Simone, very beautiful girl. Gavin Finn New York Dec 2nd 2015

32) The Best Girls at Escape, Richard Quinn 2014 Dec 2015

33) Ariel is a remarkable girl thoroughly enjoyed my time, Dec 2014 Andrew Celli 2015

35. I booked several Models from Escape Models and defintely enjoyed my time. Very Professional. Dec 2016

37) In the city and had the chance of connecting with one of the beautiful and talented models. Great! Jan 2016. Graham Bird

39) Took a lady to an Event, so pleased with Services. Jan 2016. Ali Aziz.

40) Top Models best Services. Danny Gorden 2016 Jan.

41) Very Professional. What an enjoyable time I had. Tod G Jan 2016.

42) I met 3 ladies here, all were beautiful and i will call on my return visit to New York. Gueseppe Grino Feb 2016

43) I had the opportunity of meeting your new Model Erica, she is very nice, and i thorougly enjoyed her Company. Alex Ayu March 08 2016

44) My stay in New York was exceptional, and I both new models Ivy and Corine, where spectacular. Thanks Escape Models Andy Cooper March 15 2016

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