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Doubts Emerge About Brooke Magnanti's Life as a £300-an-hour High-Class Call Girl
December 30, 2015 – 04:57 pm
High Class Escort Girls

She wrote about this experience in her infamous blog, Belle de Jour, and later in two supposedly non-fiction books. But is it true? Accusations that her journalism and her behaviour on social media have been less than forthright have reignited rumours in the publishing world that all is not what it seems.


One of those rumours is that Magnanti’s book The Sex Myth had to be pulped because it was full of factual inaccuracies and it grossly libelled a number of the people and organisations in it, including women’s support network Eaves.

Another is that the entire basis of her career, conveniently unverifiable accounts of her time as a call girl, are themselves either wholly fictitious or heavily embroidered. Few doubt that at some point in her life, Magnanti may have been paid for sex. But the amount she was paid, the number of clients she saw and the length of her tenure in the industry are the subject of fierce debate behind closed doors.

When it looked, in 2009, like Brooke Magnanti was about to be outed as the writer of the Belle de Jour blog, she revealed herself, claiming that she was the person behind the life portrayed by her blog. These claims have never been properly scrutinised, though a forthcoming court case in which her ex-boyfriend is suing her may bring more facts to light.

The books are fantasy, I don’t believe that Brooke was a prostitute and I should know as we were together and lived in each other’s pockets – Owen Morris

Such details as how much she charged clients have cast doubt on the blogger’s claims ever since she revealed them. To those familiar with the London prostitution business, several of her assertions appear wildly implausible.

For example, Magnanti says she charged £300 an hour as a prostitute, £100 of which went to her “agency.” £300 in 2003 would be worth £425 in today’s money. The average appointment lasted two hours and she saw clients two or three times a week.

The Office for National Statistics estimated that the average price per visit to a prostitute was £55 in 2004. In London today, the standard price for an agency escort is between £150 and £200 an hour for an out-call. A £300 an hour escort is at the top of the market. Only extremely good-looking and young escorts can get away with charging so much.

Does the claim that Magnanti saw clients somewhere between 150 and 200 times, charging an average of £600 a session stack up? As a point of reference, here’s a typical girl well-known London agency, Barracuda, will supply for £250 an hour.

If Magnanti really was a £300-an-hour escort, the 28-year-old woman would have looked dramatically different to other call girls in the same price bracket, a fact that has been overlooked by others so as not to appear sexist but which is now being openly discussed in media and publishing circles, because her credibility on other matters has been called into question.

Source: www.breitbart.com
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