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Economic woes push more women into sex work
June 9, 2017 – 04:14 am
Former escort puppy farmer

A new study from Kingston University claims roughly 6 per cent of students, from a sample taken across the UK, are currently working in the sex industry, which includes erotic dancing, stripping and escort services.

She says the law prevents women from working together for safety and puts students at risk of exploitation by "unscrupulous people" running dodgy agencies.

"Most women work for themselves, but women are criminalised under the current laws, whether they work at home or with a friend, " she explained. "Our calls from students are up by a third. Students are struggling with debts of up to £30k and medical students face debts of £70k."

"They are less able to get jobs in pubs and shops now and many live in poverty. Education should be a right for young people. The Collective of Prostitutes say British laws victimise women and have called for complete legalisation of the industry following the New Zealand model where four women can work together.

"This makes it easier to leave the industry if you want to - as you won't have a criminal record hanging over you."

The National Union of Students warned last year that cuts to education grants and increased fees would force greater numbers of students to turn to sex work. Now NUS says it is focusing on providing support to students drawn into the industry.

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